I finished the pixie bonnet!!! It’s this simple “pattern” by Courtney at Pink Brutus Knits. She uses it for her beginning knitting classes to teach 8yr olds+ haha. I’ve been getting ahead of myself with patterns that are out of my league, so I backed it up. I’m glad I did because I was able to finish without unraveling anything and I didn’t cry or shake my fist at my yarn even once.

What I lack in knitting skills, I attempt to make up for with background props…




The following pictures cost me three chocolate chips. I offered one treat,  she requested three. I suggested going  outside, she requested staying inside. We had ourselves a deal. I’ll remind her that she’s not the boss of me some other time.





*Joining Ginny this week for the Yarn Along and Alice for Sundays at Home!

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