One of my favorite things about knitting small projects is that I only need 1 minute to work a row. I can squeeze in a quick minute between chores, after changing a diaper, while I’m waiting for a child to sit down with me for math, or after cleaning up the kitchen. It’s a slow way to progress through a project, but I don’t mind. It’s therapeutic for me to finish something to completion; flicking off that last stitch on a single row feels amazing. I look forward to having larger blocks of free time, but I’m in no rush to zoom through this season (I keep reminding myself). (Although, when that time does come, I’m going to have a whole weekend of binge knitting. I might even knit something bigger than my hand. It will be epic). The problem with my 1 minute-window-knitting, as salubrious as it may be, is that I’m rushing as quickly as my little fingers can knit, and therefor I’m prone to error more easily, and I often don’t notice until it’s too late.



Which leads me to bring up the the pink seed-stitch baby bonnet I was working on last week (((lip tremble))). The kids were tucked in, my wine was poured, the Christmas tree was twinkling. While I was trying to keep my eyes open and thinking about how terrible it would be to mess up at this point, sure enough, I started purling the purls and knitting the knits. Sniffle. It’s fine. I’m fine. I will not be discouraged. I’m moving on for now. A new garter stitch pixie bonnet is on the chopping block. It’s basically a rectangle seamed up the back. I don’t think I can mess it up. And! since it’s garter stitch and a small hat, I can squeeze in 2-3 rows at a time. A bomb proof pattern, some vintage lace for embellishment, and a prayer should do it. Here I go again…


I’m still reading through Wuthering Heights and loving it, although I do hope it cheers up somehow. I’m not in the mood for another sad book.

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