I finished knitting the top/bib piece and have added a touch of lace to Ayla’s Vintage Romper. I still have some trim to add to the leg holes (I bet that’s not what they’re called), and then it’s time to pick out the buttons! I felt the muted color was calling for some embellishment, but I hope I haven’t gone overboard with the lace. Please forgive me in advance, sweet baby of mine, for dressing you up like a Norwegian doll and for all the kissing, smooshing, and photographing that is about to ensue. I CAN NOT EVEN WAIT.





I haven’t read more than one chapter in Wuthering Heights since mid December. I love it, but I can’t keep my eyes open long enough to finish a single paragraph. I recently downloaded the audiobook so I can knit and listen at the same time. I noticed that some of you yarn-alongers do that often and it sounds like a good idea. I’m ridiculously picky about narrators, so we’ll see how it goes…

Joining Ginny!

10 thoughts on “VINTAGE BABY ROMPER

  1. I usually have to grab a whole stack of audiobooks from the library because a narrator can really make or break the book. I enjoyed The Nightingale audiobook if you are into historical fiction.

  2. Oh SOOO adorable!! I am picky about narrators too! I listen to all the samples first and still sometimes not find a good one. ;)

  3. Thank you girls so much! I listened to a bajillion audiobook samples before discovering the perfect one that matched the tone of the book and all my picky standards. It was almost like shopping for yarn!

  4. that romper is perfect! as is the sweet one who will wear it! I don’t blame you at all for the smooshing and kissing. Wuthering Heights is the most tragic story…ugh…it kills me to even think about it. Its one of those stories you love….but hate. good luck with the audio version. I’m finding that listening while knitting is a great way to multi-task!

  5. Jeanette! Why am I reading this book?? I recently texted a friend and demanded to know if this was going to be a tale about an affair, and she replied that it would be so much darker than that. I’m tempted to quit right here. Not another depressing book! I didn’t know what I was getting into and now I can’t stop reading.

  6. Gah!! That romper is so perfect. You’ve done a beautiful job. She’s going to look heart breakingly cute in it. Post some pics of her wearing it so we can all coo and gush please! I enjoy listening to the odd knitting podcast while knitting. Bmandarines is a favourite. Wuthering Heights is a classic but I find it requires concentration I simply don’t have. Personally I’d prefer listening to Kate Bush’s version! Have a happy week lovely.

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