This sweet, hard working boy of mine. He does all the manly things around here whenever his Dad is away. We say he’s on “Daddy Duty”, and it’s no small charge. From keeping the wood stocked at all times to chasing javelina away from our meadow in the dark while wearing footer pajamas and armed with only a slingshot, he’s our guy. He’ll make a protective and glad-to-serve husband someday, and I’m proud to be his mama.

My Valentines Day gift this year literally warms my heart. This plump and squatty chiminea keeps our “front porch” cozy while I’m rocking and my nursing Ayla in the sunshine or while we eat meals at the picnic table.


And the other thing…
Unlimited power!!! First I’m going to straighten my hair with my flat iron, and then I’m going to warm my coffee in the microwave, all while blasting my oil diffuser all the doohdahday. I might even use a hot glue gun. I don’t know if there will be time! We actually got accustomed to our “2nd world problem” of limited electricity. Solar power is truly a wonder. Electricity and running water is a privilege and by using each with moderation the way we have been up until now, rationing wattage and gallons, has given us a new appreciation for the pampered lifestyle that we usually take for granted.



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