We arrived in the pitch black dark. It was that thick, inky “country dark” – the kind that’s distinctly darker than “city dark” and reminds you of how small (and edible?) you are when you’re out in the middle of nowhere after sunset. We had an idea of where we wanted to park the trailer, having briefly visited the property before, but we didn’t realize that the area we had picked out ahead of time was angled at a difficult incline. It took us awhile to park and get leveled (us, meaning Michael. The kids and I were mostly cheerleading from the truck with the heater blasting.). The stars were glorious, the prettiest we’ve ever seen on any of our camping trips, but once Michael had the parking situation under control, we only spent enough time to nod at them in awe as we quickly scuttled from the truck to the trailer. We were all tucked in and cozy in bed in record time. The sooner to sleep, the sooner to rise! So exciting!!!


All the girls were awake before sunrise. We watched the first misty rays paint the mountains pink and orange before it slowly crested above the horizon. Once we were all up and dressed, we zipped out the door, eager to start exploring. We hiked up to the high clearing near the boulders, and not really knowing where to begin…well, this picture pretty much sums it up. We basically walked around in circles holding sticks.


Our trailer has officially been relocated from paved city storage to it’s new mountain home. Doesn’t she look so happy? One of our first building projects will be a large RV garage and workshop so we can keep things tidy and protected from inclement weather. We’ll hopefully start excavating a home site and garage pad sometime within this year at a different location on the property when we have the perfect spot picked out and the funds saved up. The plan is to someday transform the plot below into a garden and small orchard.


Three “improvements” were included with the property upon purchase…(1) A well. The pump system has yet to be installed, so that’s another project in the line-up.


(2) Electricity. We had been shopping for off grid land for several years before this area became an option, so this is an added perk for which we are very grateful. The power lines are threaded along our property line, but they’re not actually installed or activated ON the property… another project, another day.


And (3) a bird house :).


We have so many ideas and projects swirling around in our heads. We’re not able to afford or accomplish them all at once, but as nuts as this sounds, I’m grateful for that. The beauty of this whole journey will be dreaming, saving, and working together as a family. I mean, who wants to move onto a ranch that they didn’t build from scratch, by the sweat of their brow, employing the impossible and reluctant labor of toddlers and tweenagers?? Not me (cough-cough-maybe-me-cough).

Lil’ miss Doc Holiday has already mastered the job of making the ranch look cuter. She’s my huckleberry.



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