Against all odds, here we are completely blessed up to our eyeballs. That property I was telling you about?? The raw forest parcel out in the middle of nowhere? GUESS WHAT!? We are IN! The original offer fell through and our backup offer has been bumped into first place. Close of escrow is this Friday! Eeeek!!! I’m still in euphoric shock that everything miraculously lined up and has fallen into place. What a joyful and challenging adventure we have before us! Where in the world do we even begin? Michael says we should start with a tractor, which is a wise idea, but I’ve secretly been researching honey bees, guinea fowl, and hillside gardening :). There’s nothing wrong with putting the cart before the horse, as long as it’s all in my head, right? Of course, he shot down my ideas for gardening or keeping anything alive because apparently we need to first focus on keeping our children alive among pit vipers, javelina, mountain lions and bears. No worries, Grandparents! We’ll all be armed (grin!). There’s also the small matter of zero living quarters or installed utilities, so I guess the garden will have to wait. We typically go camping about 5-10 times per year, and this will be no different at first, except that we’ll be camping in our own private forest, making small improvements each time (even if it’s just tree forts and zip-lines for now). Most of our family and friends have no idea what we’re doing or why we’re doing it, and I understand their bewilderment. Now that it’s a reality, we may not be too confident about this crazy idea ourselves, to be honest with you. But we’ve waited, worked, and prayed for this for a long time, so I AM confident that we’ll figure it out as we go. We’re (almost) real live Weekend Homesteaders!!! HURRY UP, Friday!!

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