Showing off my little cutiepie and her freshly knitted romper! This vintagey, soft, lacey ensemble is somewhat frankensteined together, but it will do for my first try at a baby garment. I learned some things to do differently next time and despite my fledgling knitting skills, it turned out plenty adorable in the end.




I like that the pattern starts from the bottom up, calling for a cast on of 10 stitches, and increasing from there. I tried Judy’s magic cast on and it worked out perfectly. Usually, if I get interrupted while casting on (which I almost always do because Ayla cluster feeds into the wee hours), I have a tendency to mess up within the first few rows. It throws me off. It’s no big whoop if I mess up with a short cast on. But re-casting 80+ stitches, and then counting repeatedly because I get interrupted frequently is agonizing. I love this pattern for the quick start up, and also because it’s cute and easy, even for me!




When I was first learning to knit, the only way my brain could convince my fingers to purl was to use the Norwegian method. With this pattern I forced myself to learn the regular(?) purling method, and my fingers cooperated just fine. Now I can do both, which may be helpful for different stitches, so yay! I got a little carried away with my new purling trick and when it called for garter stitch, I proudly kept on going in stockinette. At the end of the first strap I realized why the pattern specifically did not call for stockinette when everything started curling like crazy. I ended up crocheting a border to anchor the edges, but all that stockinette had it’s mind made up, even after blocking. Oh well. Now I know.


Anyway, Ayla’s sweetness makes up for all of that. Part of me wants to fast forward to when she’s bigger and sleeping through the night already so I can knit and read more, and maybe even date my husband again, but of course I want her to stay little forever because knitting baby clothes is so much fun (among many other reasons ha! I mean, look at those cheeks and little thigh rolls!). It’s a real dilemma.







All these pictures… longest five minutes of her life!


Reading:  A dark storm is brewing in the moors of Wuthering Heights. I wish I knew ahead of time what I was signing up for. Too late now. Pardon me, I’m off to torture my soul…

Joining Ginny this week for the yarn along!

17 thoughts on “KNITTING AND READING

  1. Oh your photos are so beautiful – I love the light and colours in them. And doesn’t she just look adorable in her sweet outfit? I think it’s perfect.
    Just as well you don’t have to decide whether to fast forward or not, as time will keep ticking away at the same pace.
    Happy knitting and reading,
    Sarah x

  2. Oh my word…the romper and your baby are so precious! You did a great job and it fits her to a T!! The pictures are stunning as well.
    Visiting from Ginny’s Yarn Along.
    Blessings on your week,

  3. What a darling romper — and even more darling baby! (Though with a 7 degree temp right now where I am, I wanted to wrap her in something warm! Clearly it’s not cold where you are.)

  4. Precious! I can’t believe it fits so well for your first go! I saw it in Instagram, actually, after looking through the #yarnalong posts. Glad to have caught up with you in blog-land too.

  5. These are a knitting triumph. Ayla looks adorable, the romper looks adorable, your pictures are just beautiful. Just too much gorgeousness! I am feeling broody as can be now for a really little one! The lace worked out just great too. Can’t wait to see what you cast on next. By the way, I don’t know if this is a helpful idea but I lose track casting on very easily. I now use a stitch marker every 20 stitches or so so I don’t have to count too high!

  6. Oh my goodness, she is such a sweetheart! And the romper is so great. The curling bits just add some whimsy to it. (Although it is full of delightful whimsy to begin with.) Great work!

  7. I should be embarrassed to admit that counting above 20 is too high, but I digress. That’s exactly what I need to do…add stitch markers as I cast on! Thank you for the encouragement, Tania – you’re such a love. Get very broody about having another one, YES! BABIES!!!

  8. Brr for you Barbara! It was in the 60’s here today, but that’s pretty cold here in Phoenix! I figured I could add layers until it warmed up, and then maybe she could wear it through summer without the layers. Just thinking about 7 degrees makes me shiver!

  9. Oh, my goodness! That is so lovely! And your baby is darling!

    What is the pattern? I’d love to try it for someone’s baby. I used to be able to say that I’d save such patterns for my own or my next baby, but I think our toddler may be our last.

  10. What a fabulous romper suit, but above that such perfect photos and a gorgeous baby! I do miss those chubby thighs but every age brings some delight!

  11. Adorable romper and adorable baby. My friend sent me this link because we are newbie knitters together. Wuthering Heights was one of the best literary rides of my life!! Those Bronte sisters were geniuses.

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