It’s Christmas week! Amberly has been baking up a storm. The kitchen is a cheery disaster. Aiden has been disassembling and reassembling nerf guns and whatnot. It looks like Santa’s elves have been very busy here. Several rooms are under construction. Closed doors hide missing drywall and scattered power tools. I haven’t deep cleaned since before Ayla was born. Asher has been practicing using scissors and wrapping “gifts” (toys, books, toothbrushes, etc). The floors are littered with tape and paper confetti. Ayla has been scooting everywhere trying to get it all in her mouth. We host Christmas for Mike’s side of the family in two days. Hahahaha (((weep))). If it was my side I’d tell my guests to bring their aprons and work gloves. Mike’s sister is the Martha Stewart of themed parties with adult prizes and hors d’oeuvres, each cleverly named according to the theme and labelled with hand calligraphy. While we’re not going out of our way to seem what we’re not (me in particular), I do hope and pray that on Christmas day everyone will feel loved, cozy, and well-fed here. At bear minimum, I hope and pray the house will be clean and tidy…or at least not gross. And I hope and pray that I don’t slay the sweet souls living here with nagging and bossing in an effort to pull it off.

In the meantime, Ayla has finally fallen asleep nursing in my arms after hours of fussing and crying. She’s teething for sure. I’m not even going to try to put her down, no matter what the books and well-meaning friends say. If she gets 30 minutes of un-interrupted sleep in my arms, I can then put her down to play for long spurts (maybe?) while I clean and delegate tasks to all my “helpers”. If I put her down now, she only sleeps for five minutes, and then fusses when she’s awake instead of playing. SO. Why am I sitting here nursing, cuddling and knitting or blogging when Christmas is two days away? That’s why ^^. It’s absolutely necessary :).

Speaking of knitting, the error free(!) and completed(!) garter stitch pixie bonnet gave me confidence to try something more challenging. I’m half way through a simple baby romper pattern. I added some scalloped edge ruffles to one leg hole as soon as the bloomers started looking like bloomers, because I couldn’t help myself. I’ll start the bib section and add more ruffles after Christmas. Here it is so far…



…And Books!


I’m still, still, still reading Wuthering Heights. Not much progress there. I usually fall asleep before I’m finished reading bits and pieces of some non-fiction books that I always try to read first (religious stuff, scripture, homeschooling books, etc). I have so many fiction books in my queue! I usually have no idea what to read next, but thanks to following along with other knitters and readers, I don’t know what to read next because there are so many to choose from.

Okay, signing off. Baby is awake… gotta get cleaning.
Joining Ginny this week for the yarn along.

4 thoughts on “ALSO AROUND THE HOUSE

  1. I might as well start knitting for my someday grandchildren. By the time I finish this romper, my baby will probably be 18 too! The yarn is called Grand Canyon (Heartland by Lion Brand). Of all my synthetic stash, this line is my favorite. It has pretty speckles and doesn’t feel foamy or plasticy.

  2. Skip the Martha Stewart Christmas and just make yours your own. People don’t recall the theme of the party years down the road. They remember the feeling of love and welcome. And if any give criticism, tell them they get to host the party for the next 20 years!!!
    And, forget what books and friends say, you are the momma, it seems you have older kids that have survived, you’ll do fine with this little one.

  3. Those bloomers are divine! Look at you go. I need a baby girl to make these for. Can’t wait to see them all finished (how ever many attempts it takes you!). I totally always nurse my boy to sleep and most of the night too! Whatever gets us both the most sleep is my motto. Hope your girls teeth cut through soon. Robin is working on 3 canines at once and it isn’t fun for him so I totally relate to your world at the moment. Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family

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